Abby Grind Hike

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Took some pictures from the Abby Grind today AKA the Glen Ryder Trail on the way to Taggart Peak.  I stopped at the lookout which I highlighted in the first few pictures so you can see how high you actually get.  In the 3rd picture you can actually see some people at the lookout wearing white.  Picture 16 shows the spot from the lookout looking down.  It’s been a while since I’ve hiked and can’t really say what fitness level I’m currently at, but I found the hike pretty easy.  It’s slippery and a few sections are fairly steep but I think most people wouldn’t have too much trouble as long as they take their time.  Most websites I’ve looked at say it takes approx. 1 hour to climb.  I was up in 40 and that’s taking some breaks to snap some photos.

It’s an easy hike to find.  “Coming from the East on Highway #401 take No.3 Road exit, (Exit 104), and turn right onto No.3 Road and in a very short distance turn left onto North Parallel Road going west. Follow it to No.4 Road and turn right. Follow No.4 Road and turn right onto Lakemont Lodge Road. It will go over a bridge and go right heading east ward after the bridge and soon you will drive beside a school fence for the Gun Club on your left. Just past the end of the fence is a open pit. Park on the east side of it and the trail goes up that side of the pit.” Taken from ClubTread.com site.  Basically 10 minutes from Chilliwack.  Parking and finding the start of the trail is easy.  Picture 5 shows the start.

The trail for the most part has a steady incline with a bunch of small switchbacks.  No stairs and very little rocks makes it a bit slippery especially today because we have had a lot of rain over the past few days.  You will never get lost, very well marked and even has a 1/2 way tag which you will see in Picture 13 and 14.  Coming down I found I had to be a lot more careful…again slippery.

The lookout is great.  When I first got there it was really cloudy and I couldn’t see a thing but then the sun came out and I finally could see the valley.  Similar view you will get from Sumas Mountain.  Farms, highway, valley, mountains etc.  While I was hiking there must have been at least 25+ people on the hill.  It was never over crowded and hikers are always polite and will let you pass.  I find the Grouse Grind is the opposite…packed…and people never let you pass.

Overall I’d say it’s a good little hike.  My only complaint is I like to hike without earbuds in.  I enjoy the quiet, peaceful sounds of a hike.  Because the hill is right beside a gun range it’s not that peaceful 🙂  Wouldn’t stop me from going back but I think Chilliwack has better hikes and I won’t feel like I’m in the middle of a Los Angeles gun battle.