Mt. Thom Hike

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I took my 2 youngest kids (5 and 9) up Mt. Thom, which should give you an indication of the difficulty.  Very easy, casual hike.  There are a few different ways to access the trail.  We parked our car on Sylvan Road, just off of Thom Creek Drive, and you can see a set up stairs heading up into the hill.  This is the second easiest location to start from.  If you travel into Ryder Lake and head to Churchill Parkway you can access the peak the quickest from that location.  If you want a bit more of a challenge than either start on Jinkerson Road and take the trail right beside Thom Creek Drive or even better, start at the bottom of Promontory on Teskey Way and Bailey Rd.

Mt. Thom has received a lot of attention over the past few years and has been turned into a really pretty hike.  It used to have a daunting set of stairs in the middle of the trail which has been taken out and replaced by a longer, less steep trail.  You can still walk up where the stairs used to be and I have a picture of that below, but its pretty slippery.  They also widened the trail, and brought in some rock retaining walls, which give it a bit of a pampered hike look, but with the amount of people on the trail, you will appreciate the extra space.

Overall the hike (from Sylvan) starts on a wide gravel path and quickly turns into a more narrow dirt path that goes up and down.  Unlike most hikes where you continue to go up the whole time, Mt. Thom has a lot of random elevation changes during the hike.  This makes the hike longer than it should, but it does give your legs a break and makes for an easier hike.  Most of the way up you will have some nice views of Chilliwack, especially in the winter when the trees haven’t filled in.  The final leg, heading along the ridge the views are gone until it opens up at the top.  There is a wooden fence and the trees are cleared away which give you a great view of Promontory, Chilliwack, Fraser River and Cultus Lake.  The day we were there, we saw a bunch of hawks and bald eagles flying around.

I took a couple pics from the Promontory store showing where the hike ends and how high you are going.  Overall, it’s a great local hike especially for less experienced hikers.