About Me

If you are thinking about buying or selling feel free to give me a call or send me an email.  All my contact information is listed below.

with logoA little bit about what I do…

 When listing a home:

My focus has and always will be on how to best market your property in order to get it sold quickly and for the most amount of money.  Many agents simply take a couple photos with the mobile device, stick a sign in the front yard and leave.

1.  I always start with taking quality, digitally enhanced photos of your home.  Showing only the most sellable features and highlighting the benefits that make it the best purchase.

2.  I’ve been doing walkthrough video tours even before they became popular 🙂  I only use the best equipment and it shows when you look at my hit counts on YouTube.  My videos get watched!

3.  Social Media is great as long as you know how to use it.  I don’t annoy my followers with endless posts to look at my listings.  I post interesting information and quality marketing which in turn get a lot of views.

 When buying a home:

Most important…I listen.  I never want to waste your time or mine, showing you a bunch of properties that you have no interest in buying.  To be completely honest it really doesn’t matter to me which property you buy…as long as you are happy.  However that being said, I will often point out the positives AND negatives of each property because I want my clients for life and if you decide to purchase a property I know will be hard to sell in the future I will tell you.

I can’t wait to start working for you,

Kyle Hislop

Cell: 604-795-1616

Office: 604-792-0077

www.KyleHislop.com    |     Facebook   |   Twitter   |   YouTube   |   LinkedIn   |   Google+



    • I will be posting pics and full video tour later this evening if u want to check back. Basically it’s a 2 storey home with a fully finished basement. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms up and 2 bedroom suite down. Backs onto private green space. Custom built in 2006 by an excellent local builder. Just over 3000 sqft total. Again, check back to see all the pics and video.


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