Living on the Roof for Shelter

The Shelter Foundation of Royal LePage decided to organize a hike in Peru to raise money for local women’s shelters.  They invited a bunch of real estate agents from across Canada to participate.  I was asked and of course said “hell ya”.  Aside from raising awareness for our local shelters we were tasked with the job of raising a minimum of $5,000 for our local charities.  The idea was that we would tell our friends and family that we were doing a trek in Peru and they could donate to the cause.  I felt like the trek was fun so I needed to raise money a different way.

After much thought I decided to live on the roof of my Royal LePage office for 5 days.  Wow, what a journey that was.  The first day went very well as I was craned onto the roof.  Set up my tents and tarps with no rain at all.  Even got a surprise from a friend of mine from Sutton, Cameron Gemmell, who had a port-a-potty craned onto the roof for me to use.  Amazing.  The video below is from the first day…and the rain began.

Day 2,3,4

I was lucky that day 2 was really dry however that didn’t last long as the rest of the week it rained a ton.  Everything I had got wet and it was pretty miserable sitting on a roof by myself in the cold and rain.  It’s surprising how boring it was.  I think when you go camping alone at least there is beautiful senery around and things to do to keep you entertained, but living on a tar and gravel roof by yourself is sorta depressing.

Day 5

Finally the last 24 hours had arrived.  I think without the rain it would have been a much easier time, however I also think people really donated because it was raining so much.  I really appreciated all the support from my wife, family, friends and office.  Such a team effort.  I ended up raising $5,700 in the 5 days so it was a success all around.